Tantra is vrijheid.

Summary in English


Tantra is a way of life inspired by Eastern spiritual traditions with additions from Western psychotherapy and personal growth models. Tantra supports you to unite the many and often contradictory aspects of your self into a harmonious whole. Tantra is a spiritual process of awareness, in which you learn to be present in your sexual energy, emotions and thought patterns, without having to displace something or have to indulge something. In this process it is possible to transform the energy of passion into love, compassion and spiritual openness. Then sexuality becomes a sacral, sacred event in which a deep connection with yourself, a partner and the higher is possible.

Tantra massage

Practicing Tantra consists of meditations (with or without partner), breathing and (tantra) yoga exercises and various forms of massage. In my practice I offer three forms of Tantra massage: the Cashmere Tandava massage, the Tibetan Tantra massage and the Taoist Tantra massage. A session where a combination of these three styles are applied is also possible. For couples who want to come together to practice, I have a diverse offer in collaboration with my colleague Mieke from Trinity Tantra.

For whom?
For women, men and couples with an open mind who want to (learn to) experience intimacy and sexuality with more awareness from the tantric perspective. The massage brings you to your desires, invites you to surrender more and during a session blockades can be lifted. Each massage is tailor-made and fits your needs and desires within the limits as described here and strictly enforced by the masseur. Men who would like to be massaged by a woman can be referred to my colleague Mieke, tantramasseuse in Enschede. We offer couple sessions together.

Tantra massage is suitable for people who:

-having trouble with intimacy and / or physical proximity;
-difficult to surrender to touches;
-to know shame for their bodies or for their wishes / desires;
-for whatever reason can not enjoy their sexuality;
-being overly focused on a sexual climax during community;
-experience blockades in order to fully surrender to a partner;
-pure desire to enjoy a deeper relaxation.

We also provide Tantric Body De-Armouring for serious blokkages.


"My experience in our session was very powerful, thanks to your help I could enter a deep state of relaxation and communion with my body and yours. Your presence was always professional and respectfulas I sensed that you honored the moment, letting me feel respected, loved, healed and protected by you.This is the first time of my life that I am caressed, touched, massaged in the way that you did.xWhen I had to stand up and put on my clothes, I had a unique experience of being united with the environment around me. My entire body was pulsating and circling, which is difficult to explain in words. I didn´t want to leave, I just wanted to stay there, talk with you and let the experience be sank in to my whole being." Olivia

Practical information

The Tantra massages are given on a thin mattress on the floor where I massage with organic, odorless, warm coconut oil. Both the giver and the recipient of this form of massage can be completely naked. If you have trouble with this massage is not (yet) suitable for you. In many cases I keep my slip on as a giver, especially if that is desirable for you as a client. Do you have difficulty with exposure and / or touch and do you want to change this, then you can come to me for a session intimacy coaching where you step by step become more confident with your body.

Prior to the Tantra massage, clear boundaries are agreed. During the massage, limits can only be limited and no longer expanded. The need for deepening, where the boundaries are broadened, can be included in a subsequent session.

A lot of attention is paid to the feeling of familiarity and safety with the masseur. Respect for the client and the integrity of the masseur are paramount! In order to coordinate well with each other, a short meditation is usually done prior to the massage. Afterwards, there is always the possibility to again indicate limits and discuss urgent matters.

The massages that are in my practice are not sexual in nature. There is no goal and no climax is worked on. The Tantramassages that I give also deviate strongly from erotic massages.

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